Jam Today Workshop – Review

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Jam Today workshop on 04. 02. 2015 focused on trying out some games on mobile devices and discussing opportunities and challenges of application of games for learning. In the introduction several projects related to games for learning were presented: JamToday, Green Games and the Health Perception Lab game.

In the discussion, workshop participants defined several opportunities.

– One can access resources from everywhere, on different devices.
– Content is modular, so one can try out small things.
– It allows communication and exchange of experience.
– It supports little accomplishments.
– Motivation and success by learning games.
– Games can support development of universal thinking i.e. logical thinking or problem solving skills that can be applied in different subject areas and variety of contexts.

The group pointed out several challenges related to game-based learning.
– Not serious enough – institutions could perceive game-based approach as not appropriate.
– Needs a blended approach – game based and lectures and normal classes (games only is not enough to learn).
– It is difficult to orchestrate teaching / learning to reach learning objectives.


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