The Game

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About the game!


Hipsters! They seem to be everywhere nowadays. But when they’re not browsing thrift stores for vintage fedoras, riding their fixies or looking for the latest album by “Alt-DL and the Wookies” (you wouldn’t have heard of them), where do they stay? Well as manager of your own brand new hotel, that’s now up to you! Build your own vision of a perfect hipster hotel – a paradise for these skinny-jeaned settlers – and make your fortunes from your hipster inhabitants!

To make your mark, you will be challenged to make sure your hotel stays as eco-friendly as possible. Upgrade your rooms and train your staff to make sure you stay good and green and challenge yourself to learn more about sustainable development and food/ water and energy waste in hotels.


♥ Build your hotel up by building, managing and upgrading a huge range of rooms and features, ranging from bedrooms to gardens to bathrooms.
♥ Organize your menu and serve up the coolest cuisine in your restaurant for hipsters (Remember – you were into kimchi tacos before they were cool!).
♥ Hire the coolest receptionists, chefs, handymen and gardeners to make sure you keep your street cred up.
♥ Keep good and green by upgrading equipment and training staff while accessing information about how to stay sustainable
♥ Test your knowledge to access rewards and get stuff built quicker!

Install the game!

To play the game, you will need to have a android or iOS mobile device – e.g.: A smartphone or a tablet.

The game can be installed via the Google Play Store or the iTunes Store (the same as any Android or iOS app).

Google Play Store >> 

iTunes Store >>

Also – if you’d like to give us any Feedback on the game, please feel free to do so here!