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The Green Games in Tourism/ Hospitality project aims to innovate and support improvements in VET systems and practices by developing a digital “serious” game along with associated guidelines and training for students, vocational teachers and others receiving, providing or participating in vocational training in the tourism and hospitality sector.

The project will utilise a digital game and associated technologies to develop skills and competencies for the target audience in the areas of food waste, water waste, energy management and the teaching of same facilitating the acquisition of these skills and knowledge through game-based learning, collaborative learning and experiential learning. The project will develop a booklet, both online and printed, consisting of the learning content developed for the game, featuring information, practices, activities, tips, etc. pertaining to food and water waste management, energy management and associated “green” activities within the tourism and hospitality sector. This will facilitate more traditional methods of learning – for use inside of, and outside of, the classroom.

In addition to this, the project will develop a prominent European bank of resources for individuals in the tourism and hospitality sector which will provide information related to “green” activities in the tourism and hospitality sector and for the acquisition and transfer of similar competencies through digital games.

>> download the Green Games leaflet