The reasons for the project

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Within the European Union, there has been a focus on establishing regulations with regard to environmental awareness and prevention solutions in European countries over the past 30 years. One particular area of focus with regard to the regulation of environmental solutions and the “green movement” is the waste of food and water. A resolution passed at the European Parliament meeting in Strasbourg designated 2014 as the “European Year Against Food Waste” (“European Parliament resolution of 19 January 2012 on how to avoid food wastage” ). This European Parliament resolution “calls Member States to encourage the introduction of food education courses, at all levels of education”.

As noted by the European Parliament, “Among other initiatives, member states should introduce school and college courses explaining how to store, cook and dispose of food” (“Press Release – Parliament calls for urgent measures to halve food wastage in the EU”). The Sustainable Restaurant Association for example, began a campaign to reduce waste within Restaurants. Specifically, the organization encourages restaurants to waste less food in the kitchen, after a recent survey of 10 London restaurants found that they wasted about half a kilogram of food per customer, per meal (

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