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Game City 2014, Vienna

This weekend we visited Game City, unique and with 69.000 visitors in this year one of the biggest events for game players in Austria. Young and old players, families, schools and individuals interested in games can come and see which digital games are coming next on the shelves and explore the player experience (some games […]

Needs Analysis

Needs Analysis

This result is a needs analysis which was conducted to identify the requirements in the requirements in current hospitality and waste management industries regarding education on environmental issues such as food, water and energy waste management, as well as analyzing the difficulties which students and vocational teachers face with regard to the subject area.   […]

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State of the art

This result is a report which provides an overview of the current state of the art of environmental awareness and waste management practices in the EU and the pedagogy related to the teaching of these subject areas in the tourism and hospitality sector in particular.     The report can be accessed here