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Edtech 2015 Conference – Green Games Presentation

The Project and the pilot version of the project game were very recently presented on at the Edtech 2015 conference in the University of Limerick! Game-based Learning, Skills + Affordances #edtech15 via Roisin Garvey CIT, interesting games with real life rewards! — Leone Gately (@leonegately) May 28, 2015   The presentation, called “Serious Games for the […]

Animation for in-game Staff Training on Shampoo Dispensers

Animation for in-game Staff Training onShampoo Dispensers The below is an animation on Shampoo Dispensers in the bathroom to help inform the player on the importance of effective Shampoo Dispensers.     Within the game, this would be available under “Staff Training”. Players would be able to Train Staff by paying cash, after which they’re shown an animation […]

Jam Today Workshop – Review

Jam Today workshop on 04. 02. 2015 focused on trying out some games on mobile devices and discussing opportunities and challenges of application of games for learning. In the introduction several projects related to games for learning were presented: JamToday, Green Games and the Health Perception Lab game. In the discussion, workshop participants defined several opportunities. […]