Jam Today Workshop – Review

Jam Today workshop on 04. 02. 2015 focused on trying out some games on mobile devices and discussing opportunities and challenges of application of games for learning. In the introduction several projects related to games for learning were presented: JamToday, Green Games and the Health Perception Lab game. In the discussion, workshop participants defined several opportunities. […]

Hipsters, hipsters everywhere!

After discussions between partners on characters and style within the game, a hipster influence has crept into the game. To make the game a bit funnier, a bit more intersecting, the hotel will now see an influx of hipsters – who will hopefully help to make the hotel keener and greener!  

Applied Games and Gamification – Drivers for Change – Call for papers

Within the proposed mini track we will explore different approaches and various models that spark the creative potential of people, bringing together interdisciplinary teams to collaborate, design, and produce applied games and gamified apps. We will discuss what the basic requirements and success factors are, and how applied games and gamified approaches can be used […]